8 good reasons to choose Eurohonka

1. We have time for You

Our company is just the right size. We have the capacity to manufacture the biggest house possible but also have time for every client. Each house is our employees first priority during its manufacturing process

2. We are flexible

Whether you choose one of our models and want to modify it or have your own vision, we will do our best to realize them. Not a single idea is pushed of the table straight away.

3. We help You conserve energy

We have numerous amount of different type of energy efficient and green costruction solutions available, such as our most energy efficient product, Eurolog Thermo.

4. We can combine different techniques

Our main product are log houses, but during the years we have combined it with several other materials and techniques from timber to glass and from plastering to panelling. We are open to new ideas.

5. We have decades of experience

Our engineers and designers have experience in creating some of the most unique and complicated construction projects in the industry. Challenges are what we thrive on.

6. We enable fast construction

Our products have a high level of completeness. Laminated beams and load-bearing beams are pre-cut to size to reduce the amount of cutting at site. This speeds construction and of course saves money. Level of completeness can also be increased by element gables or dormers etc.

7. We have the best partners

Skaala, Artopine, Mattiovi, Lappiporras, Lapinlaude. These are some of our partners and they are one of the best in their respective fields and an essential part of our product.

8. We have High tech and know how

We are always upgrading and trying to improve our equipment. We are interested in keeping up with the changes in the industry so we can continue to do our best for the people that choose us.