Stone coated wooden houses

Eurohonka - Stone House is stone or plaster coated prefabricated timber frame house.


Stones or plaster gives exterior look, under this cover and its ventilation space is timber frame units. Construction is free of moisture problems and it is faster and cheaper to build than traditional solid stone house.

Under of stone surface, on top of ventilation board is Aquapanel Outdoor – plastering plate. This highly weatherproof plate is perfect under construction of stone or plaster covering.

It is well known way to use plastering plates in timber houses and we try not to say that we have invented that. But we have developed the idea further. In our prefabricated houses it is possible to have factory assembled plates (except the connection seams).

This will reduce the building cost in the site and gives boost to timetable, compared to situation that all plates need assembly in site.

Naturally this technology is suitable also partial coverage of house, it is possible to make a mix of wood and stone surfaces to variegate facade of house.

Stone surface is really useable way to intensify highlights of interior design of house.

This technology is suitable to all sizes and styles of buildings in various ways.